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Announcing Conveyor 1.0

The first version of Conveyor is now ready and open to everyone. It’s our take on a new type of development workflow that helps keep developers in the zone, and teams in sync without the redundant systems and steps.

Gone are the days of stale branches, painful merges, and “What’s the status?” You just do your work, and your team is in the know. Automagically. Conveyor replaces your Git client, hosted version control service, and task management with a single, integrated development workflow.

Screenshots of the Conveyor desktop client and web app side-by-side.

What should you expect from Conveyor today?

We set out to create a development workflow that lets you spend more time doing work, and less time managing your process, fixing conflicts, and juggling tickets across multiple systems. 

You start, finish, and switch tasks—Conveyor handles the branching, merging, and stashing behind the scenes. You can commit files, comment on changes, assign the task, or move it to the backlog. And as you make these updates and changes, Conveyor automatically shares your progress with the rest of your team.

While you work, Conveyor keeps branches in sync across every computer. You don’t have to think about pushing, pulling, and fetching. Conflicts are reduced because Conveyor’s syncing exposes them before they become significant. When they do happen, they’re easier to resolve. If you make a mistake, you can roll back in a single click. And that's just the beginning.

We’re ready for your feedback

This is only the first version, but it already makes version control and project management less tedious. We’ve been hard at work on some significant improvements during our private beta, but naturally, we want to steer it in a direction that helps continue to make your team’s development workflow even easier. Upvote or drop new ideas in our public roadmap or reach out directly to help us shape Conveyor.

Here are just a few of the additional features and ideas that we’re already working on or looking to start on in the near future. We only need to determine what order to tackle them in.

  • Tagging and filtering tasks
  • Searching tasks and all related activity
  • Integrated deployment and environment workflow
  • Windows client (Mac only at the moment)
  • Submodules support
  • Sub-task support
  • Code reviews
  • And more…

We've already come to love using Conveyor ourselves — and we can't wait to hear what you think! So head on over to Conveyor to create an account and take it for a spin. Then let us know what you think.

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