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"Current Task" Bar

Imagine that you’re working on some code, but then something small, but urgent, comes up outside of your current coding work. Maybe somebody has a question or you have to help a customer.

So you switch gears to go work on that other thing, but then you need to quickly get back to that code you were working on before. Sometimes, it’s easy, but other times, the context switching throws off just enough that it’s hard to get back to what you were working on. The “Current Task” bar in Conveyor plays a little part in making that a little easier.

A screenshot of the Conveyor application tool bar with "Current: JC Penny Page" in the center.
The application toolbar always shows the current task that you’re working on within any project.

While it’s simple in the grand scheme of things, the "Current Task" bar is a good example of how staying focused and regaining focus are key elements informing the design of Conveyor. The Current Task bar helps provide both a constant reminder of what you're currently working on in any given project as well as a quick way to get back to it after navigating elsewhere within Conveyor. (Your current task is also displayed in Conveyor’s project summary screen for each workspace.) 

A screenshot of the Conveyor application toolbar where the current task is different from the task being viewed.
Since the current task bar is universally present, it serves as a quick “Current” shortcut to help you get back to your currently in-progress task for your current project.

In addition to providing an omni-present reminder of the current task, it also displays the number of uncommitted files to represent the pending activity you may have going on.

A screenshot of the Conveyor application toolbar where the current task is the same as the task being viewed and both show 2 modified but uncommitted files.
In addition to navigation, the current task bar also shares the number of uncommitted files.

The task bar is great, but your in-progress tasks for each project are also surfaced on the workspace dashboard. You’ll see the task name in green just below the project name.

A screenshot of a Conveyor workspace showing multiple projects, 3 of which has an active task highlighted.
Your current tasks are also surfaced on your workspace dashboard.

In those cases where you need to switch tasks within the same project, the task bar won't highlight your previous task. That's where the "Pick up where you left off" bit comes in handy. Just go to your dashboard, and you'll see a list of the tasks for which you have pending changes and commits.

A screenshot of the 'You' tab for a project display a 'Pick up where you left off section' listing the user's tasks for the project.
Once you've got some tasks underway, you can always find them under 'Pick up where you left off'

The task bar switches for each project, but it’s always focused on the current task, and that current task serves as a quick link directly to the current task so you can always get back to it with minimal effort.

A screenshot of a task page highlighting that the current task and currently viewed task are different.
No matter where you are in a project, you can always click on the task bar to jump to your in-progress work.
A screenshot of a task page highlighting that the current task and currently viewed task are the same after clicking the task bar.
With just a click, you can be back to focusing on your most pressing task.

Finally, in addition to the number of pending files that haven’t been committed, it also communicates if there’s pending merge that has conflicts so you can quickly switch to the task and get to work resolving those conflicts.

A screenshot of the Conveyor task bar with "Conflicted: Waldenbooks Page"
When your current task has conflicts, the task bar is highlighted different to draw attention to the conflicts.

It’s a little thing, but as you’re working through your day and switching tasks as priorities shift, you can be confident that once you switch projects or tasks, you’ll always have a contextually relevant reminder about what you were working on and what you need to do. It’s just one more way Conveyor tries to reduce the costs of context-switching and help you regain (or maintain) your focus. 

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