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Handling conflicts

With version control and teams, conflicts are virtually inevitably. They’re never fun, and they’re often scary. Conveyor does what it can to make conflict resolution simpler and more human friendly.

One of the biggest advantages of Conveyor when it comes to conflicts is that the automatic syncing can help mitigate them. Since Conveyor is always syncing, you’ll know about conflicts earlier. So instead of waiting to discover a ton of conflicts when you go to finish a task (merge your branch), you’ll be alerted to them as they come up. This way, any long-running branches can be kept in sync as you work.

Even then, you’ll still have to manage conflicts on occasion, but Conveyor still has your back. When there is a conflict, you’ll be alerted to it early and often. When your current task has a conflict, the task bar will change to let you know. The ‘You’ tab in the sidebar turns red as well. This way, you can handle them sooner rather than, and you’ll have fewer surprises down the road.

A screenshot of Conveyor in a project where there's a task with a conflict.
Conveyor uses visual cues to draw attention to conflicts earlier.

In addition to the current task bar, tasks with conflicts are clearly labeled in the other views as well. It’s almost impossible to miss when a task has a conflict.

A screenshot of Conveyor showing the task with conflicts as 'Conflicted'
Tasks with conflicts stand out everywhere so they can’t be missed.

Knowing that there is a conflict is only the first step. So Conveyor makes sure to help walk you through resolving the conflicts. When you view your task with a conflict, you’ll see a ‘Resolve Conflicts’ message that encourages you to solve the problems.

A screenshot of a task that currently has conflicts.
When conflicts do arise, Conveyor streamlines the process and makes it easier to get to a resolution.

When resolving conflicts, Conveyor does its part to help keep it simple so you can choose which changes to keep. Or, if the conflicts are complicated, you can always hop into your text editor to make the changes manually.

A screenshot of the conflict resolution screen within Conveyor.
Resolving conflicts presents your primary resolution options in a simple manner.
A screenshot of the conflict resolution screen within Conveyor when newly added files created the conflict.
Conveyor also treats conflicts within files and conflicts between newly added files slightly differently to aid in recognition.

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