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Software development isn’t simply writing code. We’re all jumping between version control, a text editor, a terminal window, and a Finder window.  Sometimes one of those windows gets closed or hijacked for another task, and you lose your spot. You either have to open a new one and navigate there, or try to find the original window and go back to where you were. It’s small, but these little disconnects break your flow.

With Conveyor, this becomes much easier. Since you can choose your tools in Conveyor’s preferences, and Conveyor knows where the project lives, you get one-click buttons to help you jump right to your project.

A screenshot of the Conveyor preferences with options for your default editor, default terminal app, and merge tool.
You can let Conveyor know the tools you prefer to use for text editing, terminal, and merge tools.

Since Conveyor always knows where the project lives, it offers one-click buttons to open your text editor, hop into a terminal, or open your project in Finder. These buttons are visible in the menu bar from anywhere within a project. You have one-click access to open your project’s entire folder structurein your text editor, get to a terminal window within your project’s directory, or open your project in Finder at any time.

A screenshot of Conveyor highlighting the links to open the project in your text editor, terminal, or Finder with one click.
Open your your full project tree in your text editor, terminal, or Finder with ease.
Multiple screenshots illustrating how the buttons open their respective applications.
With a single click, you can open the relevant tool right where you need it so you can get to writing code, run commands in the terminal, or drag and drop assets into your project.

That’s handy, but Conveyor goes a step further with contextual links elsewhere as well. For instance, if you start a new task and navigate to look at the “Uncommitted” files before you’ve made any changes, Conveyor helps you jump into your text editor.

A screenshot of the 'Uncommitted' tab view of a task with a callout to 'Open in Sublime Text'
If you haven’t made any changes, Conveyor makes it easy to open your editor and get straight to work.
A screenshot of the conflict resolution process in Conveyor with a button at the bottom to "Open in Sublime Text"
When resolving conflicts, a convenient ‘Open in (text editor)’ button is presented to help you jump directly to the issue.

On the surface, these kinds of things are small, but Conveyor is designed to fit in with your existing tools and, more importantly, help you stay in the zone by reducing or simplifying those tedious and repetitive little tasks that slow you down.

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