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Version control, meet task management

Software development in 2019 seems more complicated than it was ten years ago. This is one of the main reasons we decided to build Conveyor. Whether you build web sites, SaaS products, or mobile/desktop apps, the tools and technologies you need to employ and understand have exploded. Rather than getting simpler, our industry has grown increasingly complex.

Not only do developers have to understand multiple languages, frameworks, and stacks, but they very act of managing your work requires multiple tools to juggle. Jumping between your Git client, Jira, and pull requests is a distracting hassle and can lead to missing important details. We wanted to build a product that could remove some of the burdens.

Conveyor is a new approach that combines project management, code, and communication, all in one place.

Focus on the work

When you use Conveyor, you can focus on your projects and tasks. Everything in Conveyor is built on Git, but the process is automatic, and you can simply write code and commit your work.

Pushing, pulling, merging all done for you automatically
Pushing, pulling, merging all done for you automatically

Pushing, pulling, stashing changes, and merging is all handled for you. You don’t have to worry about upstream changes and ensuring your team members see what you’re doing. Conveyor keeps everyone in the workspace fully up-to-date.

And when changes come into conflict, Conveyor will let you know that too. Automatically and before you attempt a merge.

Documentation and code in the same place

One of the things our team dislikes the most is having to open a handful of tools to get a piece of work done. Rather than opening a browser with 5–10 tabs open, Conveyor lets you focus by including everything in one place.

Task descriptions allow you to summarize the purpose, vision, and scope for the work. And Conveyor supports Markdown, allowing you to share images/screenshots and link to your project resources.

Descriptions support Markdown and allow you to describe what the work is all about

As you make changes and prepare to commit, you can review the task description to ensure you’re on the right page.

Discuss changes as you go

Of course, sometimes taking a different direction is required. Nothing challenges assumptions like writing code. When that happens, it’s a good idea to discuss the challenges and any changes with your team.

Rather than jump into another tool to talk about the work that is happening, Conveyor lets you have the discussion right alongside your coding activity.

Discussion can take place right along with your changes

Talk about your tasks in general or comment on specific changes in the task timeline. You can add your thoughts and even mention specific teammates or tasks when it makes sense – no need to jump from tool to tool.

Our team has built multiple products over the last 15 years, and we’re always looking to improve how we work. As we’ve experimented with shorter work weeks, being efficient with our time is critical. A workflow where we have to repeat ourselves across multiple tools and fracture our attention doesn’t help us meet that goal.

We built Conveyor to support that effort. And we think it can help other teams as well. Sign up for our waitlist to try a different approach.

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