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Conveyor 0.11.1 is here!

For our latest release, we've focused on client performance and bug fixes. With some infrastructure changes and app improvements, it's much faster now.

New Features and Improvements

  • The “Help” menu now has working links! That includes a Get Help beacon in the web app to get in contact with us. 
  • Throughout the app, there's blank state improvements and copy updates to help let you know what Conveyor is doing.

Bug Fixes

  • Deleting a project is now possible.
  • Probably not a use-case you’d run into, but signing in and out of the client now works as you’d expect.
  • In the last update, there was an issue with client logging you out every so often. That's resolved.
  • There were some situations where you could revert a commit when it shouldn't have been possible. That’s now fixed.

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