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Conveyor 0.9.0 is here!

We have the first new Stable release of our beta. Version: 0.9.0. There are a lot of new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Let’s dive in!

New Features and Improvements

  • Task Rollbacks - Ever make a merge, then want to roll it back? Task Rollbacks are for that. This converts a Finished Task to In Progress and removes its changes from Stable. We also update the Task Timeline so it’s included.
  • Revert Commits - Very similar to Task Rollbacks. Reverting a commit on a Task is now possible.
  • Finishing Tasks while offline is now possible.
  • In the “Your” section, you’ll now see tasks your today's Finished Tasks.
  • Conveyor now remembers it's window dimensions and location. In the past, Conveyor would not remember window dimensions or location if you changed them, then closed/reopened a window.
  • We’ve introduced progressive loading into the Desktop app, which leads to faster opening times.
  • Improved error tracking for us.
  • Window focusing, closing, hiding, and restoring are more natural now.
  • We re-organized some menu options to make more sense. For example, "Check for updates..." is now available under the Conveyor menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously giant diffs of minimized files caused some memory issues. Conveyor now handles these files better.
  • Conveyor now ignores your system-wide Git Config. In the past, this could lead to some issues if your Config prevented Conveyor from running how we expected. For example, your Git Config could prevent fast forward pushes, which Conveyor uses.
  • We made some fixes to offline mode.
  • In the old build, some events did not make it to the Stable section, they do now.

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