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Conveyor 1.0.21 now available

Making Conveyor available to the general public on Feb. 26 was just the beginning. We've been working on various improvements and released version 1.0.21 last week.

What’s included?

Based on the great feedback we received from people when Conveyor launched, this version focused primarily on adding clarity about exactly what Conveyor is and how you use it.

We made a bunch of changes that we hope reduces confusion and helps people understand how Conveyor can help them before they sign up to the point of making their first commit. Here’s a list of these changes:

  • An improved landing page that points out the three parts of Conveyor: a desktop client, full Git hosting, and a web app
  • Easier project creation in the web app and desktop client
  • A revamped import process that lets you choose how you want Conveyor to handle your existing repo(s)

Importing existing projects into Conveyor

The last item was the most significant change to Conveyor since its launch. Many people were confused or not happy with how Conveyor imported a project: Conveyor would leave your existing project where it was and make an entirely new repo by copying it to the Conveyor folder on your user’s home directory (~/).

This would result in two copies of the same repo on your computer and cause confusion. As well, any Git hooks and remotes pointed to an existing Git host service (GitHub, Bitbucket, etc) were not included in Conveyor’s imported copy. People expected to be able to use Conveyor with an existing repo as it was.

So we’ve made that possible. Now when you import an existing Git repository, you can choose whether Conveyor should make a copy in the Conveyor folder or use the current repo.

If you choose to use the current repo, Conveyor will add a new remote that points to our Git hosting service and moves your Git hooks to a new location. However, other than that is leaves the repo as it is and your existing workflow(s) should fully work.

If you have questions, let us know!

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