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Conveyor 1.2

The latest version of the Conveyor client is available today, and we’ve recently made changes to the web app as well. These changes are focused on some of the little touches that we think make Conveyor unique.

Stay updated. Or, not!

First, you can now follow a task if you want to receive notifications about what’s happening with a specific piece of work. You previously had to be involved in a task (make a commit, post comments etc.) to receive updates, but now anyone interested can follow along. This is great for PMs and similar roles.

Conversely, you can also unfollow a task to stop getting updates. This helps keep down the noise and lets you focus on just the items you care about most.


We’ve been working hard on improving the communication and project management aspects of Conveyor. A big part of this is better control over what notifications you receive.

Under a project’s setting, each user can now specify what types of events they want to know about.

What is everyone working on?

A big part of the vision for Conveyor is better visibility for a team. Instead of having to ask what people are doing, Conveyor should help you know what’s going on automatically. And so we’ve added a “currently-working-on” indicator that shows precisely what task a team member is working on, right now.

If someone views a task in the desktop client, Conveyor will change their status accordingly (and this will be true for the web app as well in the coming weeks). The person's avatar will include a slowly pulsing green outline to indicate their current focus.

What's in a name?

You say stable, I say master ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But we usually understand what everyone means when we use these terms. It’s a list of all the work you’ve completed in your project and represents your production code.

Since Conveyor is based on a model of projects and tasks, we wanted the navigation to reflect that a little better. You’ll notice the sidebar now includes Finished Tasks instead of Stable (and it’s more prominently placed). All the functionality is the same, there’s just a greater emphasis on what you’ve achieved!

And more

Of course, this version includes the usual bug fixes and improvements. One of the more critical improvement was for the auto update process. When you see the Update Available badge, the process is much improved and more reliable, and the status is visible in the activity panel.

As well, there is now a changelog link included in the desktop client that points you all the new features after you complete the update process.

We hope these updates make your experience better. Shout out anytime to let us know if that’s the case — or not!

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