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Conveyor 1.3 includes your Agenda on the desktop

We’re excited to release Conveyor 1.3 today. This update starts to deliver some of the things that got us excited about Conveyor when we first decided to start something new. Rather than simply provide you with all the possible information, we think Conveyor should be able to provide you with the right information at the right time, in the right context.

This release is focused on that type of benefit.

Workspace overview overhaul

In the desktop client, looking at your workspace overview simply showed a list of your projects. Now, everyone needs to see a list of projects. But we thought perhaps we could provide a useful overview of the current state of a workspace as well.

So we’re happy to introduce a completely new look to your workspaces on the desktop. Your first view of your workspace shows your Agenda.

This view is focused on developers as they are the people spending the most time in the client. Your Agenda includes different categories of tasks that are important to you. Tasks that are assigned to you, tasks where you made commits or comments, as well as tasks you follow.

When you need to view all the projects in a workspace, you can flip over to the projects view. And this brings us to the next update.

Pinned projects

If you have a long list of projects in your workspace, finding them gets a little easier in Conveyor 1.3. You can pin any project you like to the top of the list.

Collapsable groups

Another improvement with these changes is that you can now collapse and expand groups of tasks. So if your Backlog is chock full of great ideas, you can collapse any groups that are too long.

Weekly email digests

Last, we’re still working on notification improvements. Not only do we want to send you updates about activity in your tasks and projects, but we also want to provide information that you would normally have to look up manually.

The first step is a weekly digest email that gives you an overview of the important things that happened in your workspace for the last week. Conveyor will deliver these on Monday mornings. And if emails are not your jam, you can disable these in your notification preferences.

Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

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