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Improved syncing and importing for GitHub in Conveyor 1.4

​The latest update to Conveyor includes two significant features. There's a new integration for syncing to your GitHub account and a new workspace-level Teams page.

GitHub sync

Conveyor has had a hidden option to sync with a GitHub repo for a while, but we’ve added a proper integration. You can create a new project in Conveyor to sync with an existing GitHub repo and vice versa.

A big part of the new process also allows you to import the GitHub repo when creating your project in Conveyor. We’ll connect to your GitHub account and grab the repo contents at that time. Or, you can set up an existing Conveyor project to sync with GitHub in the Settings > Git Sync tab.

You can read about how to set up this integration or get more details on how it works.

Workspace-level Teams page

Building off of the revamped Your Agenda page in the desktop client, we’ve now included Teams page that shows your team’s workload across the entire workspace.

In a glance, this gives you a look at where your team members are currently focused and what they’ll be working on next. And if there’s a bottleneck due to a team member having too many tasks assigned.

We’re super excited about both of these changes. Give them a try and be sure to share your thoughts. We’d love to hear any feedback you have!

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