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Introducing subtasks in Conveyor 1.5

The original idea for Conveyor was that every project represents a Git repository, and every task in that project was a Git branch. And while this simple workflow allows you to break your work into manageable chunks and to focus on writing code, there are plenty of scenarios where you need more flexibility.

That’s why we built subtasks. They offer several benefits.

  • More granular breakdown of your work: rather than creating a separate task for each little piece of work, you can group related subtasks under one parent task
  • Tracking progress: subtasks give you better visibility into how much work is left for a task
  • Better collaboration: team members can work simultaneously on the same task
  • Easier experimentation: subtasks allow you to easily try out an idea — you can easily reject the subtasks if it doesn't work

As well, this release includes the ability to reopen a rejected task.

These additions enable a more robust workflow for teams working together. And we hope it makes Conveyor a lot more valuable. Please share your thoughts if it does — or even if it doesn’t!

Note: to make use of Subtasks, all members of a workspace should upgrade to Conveyor 1.5.

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