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Version 0.15.0 is now available

This version of Conveyor brings a few major improvements. This includes importing projects, user mentions, editable comments, and more…


Now you can take a local repo and drag and drop it in the Conveyor desktop client. It will recognize existing branches in the repo and present you with a list. For each branch, you can decide to convert that branch to a task in Conveyor, or simply delete it.

User mentions

We’ve implemented @mentions now so you can ensure your teammates are notified when you need to get their attention.

Editable comments

Speaking of comments, they were previously unchangeable. Make a typo and it was there permanently. Which isn’t the best experience when you’re trying to write a more complicated piece of Markdown text.

Now you can edit your comments to ensure you communicate your thoughts perfectly!

And more…

Of course, this update also comes with a lot of improvements and bug fixes behind the scenes. If you never had a chance to kick the tires on Conveyor, we hope the import improvements will make it a little easier to do that now.

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