As of September 1st, we’ve decided to shut down Conveyor. Read our blog post for more details.

Version control meets task management.

The first service to place task management on top of your local Git workflow, blending project management, code, and communication into one experience.

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Task management to run projects efficiently
Git client to keep developers focused
Code hosting for full control and power

Skip the redundancy

We loathed the disconnect between pull requests, branches, Jira backlogs, and working in a Git client — constantly updating multiple places for the same task. Conveyor brings your Git client, code hosting, and task management into one workflow, making sure you only report your status once.

Task actions

Project management built-in

Just start, finish, and switch tasks—Conveyor handles the Git branching, merging, and stashing behind the scenes. Push code, comment on changes, assign the task, or move it to the backlog. As you make changes, Conveyor automatically shares your progress with the rest of your team.

For You section

Keeps you in the flow

Conveyor will remind you when you have too much on your plate and when things are falling behind. With “Up next” you can stay focused on what’s ahead, not what’s in the backlog. It’s about having just enough to keep you focused and make smart decisions, and pushing everything else out of view.

What team is working on

Know exactly what your team is working on

At any given moment, you know which task each and every team member is focused on. As they create projects, commit code, or switch tasks, their status is updated in real-time on everybody’s machine.

Conflicts resolution

Say goodbye to stale branches and painful merges

Since everything on the desktop client is always in sync, you know immediately when your work has conflicts with stable. Conveyor gives you a heads up, and you can address the issues before they become overwhelming.

Git foundation

Rest easy knowing that it’s still just Git

You don’t need to interact directly with Git, but you can be confident that behind-the-scenes, it’s just Git. Perfect for integrating with CI/CD, IDE, or whatever else you need.