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Your development workflow should keep you in the zone—not take you out of it.

Conveyer helps you write and ship code with less friction. With a simple, task-based workflow layered on top of Git, you always know what’s next, and everything happens naturally with the way you create and release software.

All the while, your changes and the status of your work are implicitly and automatically visible to your entire team. Gone are the days of “what are you working on?” and “what’s the status?” You just do your work, and your team knows. Automagically.


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How does Conveyor help?

Reduce context-switching and interruptions so you can stay in the zone.

Conveyor is designed around tasks so you’re able to easily focus on a single task. But if you need to switch tasks briefly, that’s just as easy, and Conveyor will handle stashing your in-progress work so you can switch gears.

When you’re ready to get back to the previous task, Conveyor will quickly restore it for you so you can get back to work. All the while, Conveyor is updated with what you’re currently working on so nobody ever has to ask. And your todos are all managed and tracked within your tasks so you don’t have to jump between apps.

Provides natural and approachable version control so you don't have to learn yet another tool.

Your version control system should work with you and adapt to how you write code. You shouldn't have to Google arcane version control commands and then hesitate before hitting return to run the command. That means less friction for you day-to-day and less time spent ramping up and training new team members.

Reduce communication overhead to keep everyone's code and status in sync automatically.

There’s no need to remember to push or pull your latest updates. Conveyor automatically keeps everyone’s changes in sync across the cloud and computers. So you just sit down and get to work.

And because the code’s always in sync, so is everyone’s status. No more requesting or giving status updates. Conveyor handles it automatically. Everyone can always see exactly what everyone else is working on and who is overloaded or who has some availability. And with “Up Next” and the “Backlog” there’s never any questions what’s coming down the pipe.

Built on and works with the tools you trust.

Conveyor is built on top of Git. You can import and export your Git repo the same as you can with any other Git-based tool. So you can be confident that even though you receive all the benefits of Git, your team doesn’t have to be Git experts to get things done.

You can even use Conveyor with your favorite text editor, diff tool, or terminal. And Conveyor provides all of the integrations, webhooks, and API calls you need so it fits in with your existing development ecosystem.

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Who's behind Conveyor?

Conveyor is made by Wildbit. We’re remote-first, bootstrapped, profitable, debt-free, and we have over ten years of experience running a hosted version control SaaS application in Beanstalk. (We also run Postmark, an app for sending and receiving transactional email.)

At our core, we believe in the value of focus and deep work. Conveyor is our vision that embraces those beliefs with a sprinkle of modern software development best practices for distributed teams to make it easier to collaboratively ship high quality software quickly.

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