A development workflow that keeps you in the zone.

With a simple, task-based workflow layered on top of Git, Conveyor helps you write and ship code with less friction. The days of “What are you working on?” and “What should I do next?” are over. You just do your work, and your team knows.

We were tired of convoluted development processes and tools that take you away from doing your best work. (Jira anybody?) Conveyor fixes that, and we’re just getting started.

Free for up to 2 users, then $7 per user, starting at $21 per month.

(Desktop client is Mac-only for now, Windows version is coming.)

Desktop client

Desktop client to keep developers focused

  • Every task has its own Git branch
  • Merge to master by finishing tasks
  • Auto-stashing, task rollbacks, etc
Git hosting

Git hosting to run things smoothly with full control

  • Works out-of-the-box
  • Automatic SSH keys management
  • Git superpowers
Web application

Web app to manage team and projects

  • Create and organize tasks
  • Plan iterations
  • See what your team is working on
An all-in-one solution for development workflow, project management, issue tracking, and Git hosting.

Introducing Conveyor 1.0

Gone are the days of stale branches, painful merges, and “What’s the status?” You just do your work, and your team is in the know. Automagically. Conveyor replaces your Git client, hosted version control service, and task management with a single, integrated development workflow.

You start, finish, and switch tasks—Conveyor handles the branching, merging, and stashing behind the scenes. You can commit files, comment on changes, assign the task, or move it to the backlog. And as you make these updates and changes, Conveyor automatically shares your progress with the rest of your team.

More than a Git client.

As a developer, you work on your desktop. Conveyor isn’t a desktop client bolted on top of Git hosting. We designed the ideal desktop client experience first and then made Git work with it. If we didn’t tell you it was Git, you’d never know.

For You screen

Focus isn’t just encouraged. It’s built-in.

Developers juggle tasks. Things come up, and sometimes it’s difficult to remember what you’re working on. Conveyor is designed with your focus in mind. Your current task is only ever a click away, and your upcoming tasks are always ready and waiting so you don’t have to dig around or filter out the noise.

Task management and collaboration hand-in-hand with version control.

Every task is a branch, and every branch is a task. When you create a task, Conveyor automatically sets up a branch, and when you click “Finish Task,” Conveyor merges it on to stable. Need to switch to a different task? Just click “Switch to Task,” and Conveyor will automatically stash your work.


Know exactly what your team is working on.

At any given moment, you know which task each and every team member is focused on. As they create projects, commit code, or switch tasks, their status is updated in real-time on everybody’s machine.

What your team is working on?

Say goodbye to stale branches and painful merges.

Since everything on the desktop client is always in sync, you know immediately when your work has conflicts with stable. Conveyor gives you a heads up, and you can address the issues before they become overwhelming.

Built-in conflict resolution

Rest easy knowing that it’s still just Git.

You don’t need to interact directly with Git, but you can be confident that behind-the-scenes, it’s just Git. Perfect for integrating with CI/CD, IDE, or whatever else you need.

No more Googling for Git commands.

No matter how long you use Git, there is always the time you mess things up or forget a command. We’d rather you spend your time writing code. Switch tasks with a click and we automatically stage your files. Rollback or merge to stable with a click. And so much more.

What to expect next?

Conveyor makes task management and version control much more natural, but that’s just the beginning. The next major iterations are well underway, and we’re bringing Conveyor’s simplicity to every aspect of your development workflow.

Separate your focus work from your collaboration work.

“Hey, I know you’re heads down but can you do a code review?” We all know that ping in Slack or Pull Request breaks your concentration. Writing code and reviewing code are two completely different mindsets. Conveyor will help organize the code reviews that need your attention separately from your focused coding work, allowing you to schedule your day or week accordingly.

Stop asking “Is anyone using staging?”

Yes, there are teams who have the perfect deployment process where a new environment spins up for each branch. We realize that’s not everyone and aim to solve the communication problems around dev, test, and production environments. You’ll clearly see what Tasks are on staging, celebrate what was just released to production, and learn from what was rolled back.

Deployment targets

Never hear “How’s it going?” ever again.

With a well-defined process, short term plan on what’s next, and a dedicated communication thread inside of each Task, everyone always know what’s in progress, where people need help, and what’s next up for release.

Encourage early and often code reviews and feedback.

The real work starts when you ask for feedback. Unlike Pull Requests, Conveyor will make code reviews and staging environment feedback part of the process early. Your issues, updates, and changes will happen in the same place you started and only the people involved will be notified. And previewing real changes in a staging environment is just a click away.

Track issues and work right within each task.

Nobody says they love Jira (Well, except our Product Manager, Rian). We’d rather not cobble together multiple apps to get a workflow no one enjoys or understands. Conveyor will incorporate discussion and issues directly inside of a Task (branch) so you don’t have to switch apps. Let’s rid the world of endless backlogs and only show you what you need to focus on right now.

Have an idea for our roadmap? You can always request it.